Lukas Wutschitz

Research Student

Hi, I'm a final year PhD student at the Laboratory for Scientific Computing at the University of Cambridge.



University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK
PhD Physics
Oct 2014 - ongoing

My research is concerned with the development of a numerical simulation package for atmospheric ice accretion. This comprises research topics such as dispersed multi-phase flow, Cartesian cut-cell schemes, moving boundary methods, adaptive mesh refinement, thin film dynamics and elements of differential geometry

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK
MPhil Scientific Computing
Oct 2013 - Sep 2014
Thesis title: On a Cartesian cut-cell approach to dusty gas flows under the supervision of Dr Nikos Nikiforakis

University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria
BSc Physics
Oct 2010 - Jun 2013

Thesis title: On the travelling salesman problem under the supervision of Prof. Sabine Andergassen

General focus on theoretical and computational physics. Extracurricular courses taken at the Department of Mathematics: probability and statistics, number theory, group theory, algorithms and data structures

Work Experiences

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK
Sep 2015-Dec 2016

Supervision of C, C++, MPI and OpenMP practical classes for the Natural Sciences Tripos, the MPhil in Scientific Computing, and the HPC Autumn Academy at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Laboratory for Scientific Computing

Cambridge, UK
Research Intern
Aug 2013 - Sep 2013

Developement of a numerical simulation to predict airflow around an aerofoil. Numerical investigation of the distribution of impinging water droplets onto an aerofoil.


Vienna, Austria
Student Employee
Oct 2012 - Jun 2013

Presentation of the revised tank safety concept for lightning protection. Statistical analysis and calculation of probability of failure on demand (PFD) of control circuits of refinery burners as part of the safety integrity level (SIL) assessment.


Vienna, Austria
Summer Intern
Jun 2012 - Aug 2013

Revision of the tank safety concept: Development of a numerical simulation of the electric field for lightning protection.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


C & C++

Expert, 8 years
I have contributed to the research group owned computational fluid dynamics code which consists of approx 250k lines. I have extensively used various high performance computing libraries such as LAPACK, Eigen, HYPRE, etc. as well as more general packages such as Boost, blitz++ and libconfig++.

Python & NumPy

Advanced, 5 years
Mainly used as a scripting language for analysing simulation results and to automate parameter studies on HPC clusters. Also frequently used to prototype algorithms and ideas. Experience with popular packages such as NumPy and SymPy. In particular I used SymPy's C code generation functionality to integrate Python code with the C++ CFD code to produce analytic derivatives of expressions known at compile time.

Mathematical modelling

Advanced, 4 years
Mathematical modelling by means of partial differential equations. In particular hyperbolic conservation laws and fluid dynamics problems.

Other Skills

Linux Bash Git SQL MPI
Mathematica Java Fortran OpenMP

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